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[Mon, November 14th // 12:44pm]


Community about The Most Sick & Dangerous Brutal Death Metal Band From Russia

Come in and suffer.
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behemoth [Sat, January 29th // 7:45pm]

[ mood | finally ]

hoy people - I've just bought behemoth's mp3 disc and want to know, whether which album would I check first?
maybe you can advice me, which one i should check first?

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yeah [Tue, July 20th // 10:00am]

So thsi community was cool idea, but nobody posts, I was gone for 2 weeks and nobody posted =/. Kinda sad, I'm leaving but i'll come back if you guys decide to update =)
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[Sat, June 26th // 9:59pm]


Dauði Baldrs is a metal rating community based more on musical tastes and views than looks. If you think you are worthy, apply to join the ranks.

[Fri, May 14th // 3:55pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Anyone know any good brutal or death metal shows comming to Northern California? Like San Jose or San Fransisco? GAH!! I need moshpits. Anyway thats all.

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Hey All [Fri, May 7th // 2:40pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Don't know if you guys are into ordering CD's offline but if so... subscribe to www.goregiasticrecords.com . They have the most wide selection of brutal and death metal cds, and usually it's buy 3 get 1 free. Their cheap and good. So support! They have an e-mail list that tells you every few days their new cd arrivals, and pre-orders and stuff. Awesome shit. \m/
And don't forget ...
"If you live in the NY/NJ/PA/MD area, make sure not to miss KATAKLYSM, MISERY INDEX, EXHUMED, UPHILL BATTLE
live at Downtime, NY on May 27th, more info at www.somberlain.com . Support the underground, come to the
show and bring your buddies!"

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Yahoo! [Tue, May 4th // 5:21pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hmm don't know if anyone here or who reads this has Yahoo! But if they do they should join this -->

Click to subscribe to UndergroundMetal

...Yep. Because The host of the site is a Metal freak and that whole group is full of underground bands... mostly brutal and death but if you like black metal the band Omnicient? (spelling) kicks ass, if you like Dimmu Borgir you'll like them, and Dead Elizabeth. (not 100% sure their on that site) But yeah thats some awesome shit. Just thought I'd share with you.
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Boo [Fri, April 30th // 5:41pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Hey. I'm Alix. Just joined. Some ass a few months ago broke into the car and stole 8 of my cds, and Ihad to go buy new ones. But half.com & ebay are cheaping and I just got one of The Berzerker cds in the mail. ^_^ so excited had to post. \m/

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